If you’re facing foreclosure and your lender has declined to work with you, mediation could be an option. The opportunity for mediation occurs late in the foreclosure process and does not guarantee you will avoid foreclosure.

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  1. Need information on what I need to do to keep my uncle’s house.he passed away in 2021 and we lived with him for 5 years before he passed taking care of him. He left me a letter saying the house was mine. To take care of the animals and the house. The mortgage company wants me to pay off his loan then they will put it in my name. I can’t afford 900 a month. What can I do it’s going up for foreclosures in 45 days. I just got the notification 2 days ago

    1. Hello Brenda,

      Good day! Please call our housing counseling agency here in Hagerstown at 301-797-0900 so we can better understand your issue and provide you immediate assistance and guidance regarding this issue. Thank you.

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      new staff admin
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