Financing & Incentives
These are just some of the special loan products available locally. Loan limits, income limits, terms and interest rates vary and are subject to change at any time.

MMP – Maryland Mortgage Program

  • Below market interest rate (rate subject to change – call us for an update)
  • Term: Options available
  • Points: Negotiable between buyer and seller, collected at settlement
  • No down payment required
  • Closing cost assistance available through State’s DSELP program
  • Gift funds for closing costs acceptable; Grants available
  • Must be a first-time homebuyer or not owned a home in the last 3 years, or purchasing a home in a target area (Example: City of Hagerstown)
  • Applicants must file a tax return
  • Homebuyer education required (available free of charge to buyers in Washington County at the Hagerstown Home Store)
  • Home inspection required
  • Income limits* for City of Hagerstown:
    • 1-2 person household: $117,500
    • 3 or more person household: $135,125
  • Income limits* for Washington County:
    • 1-2 person household: $141,000
    • 3 or more person household: $164,500
  • Call 301-797-0900 for more information, including a list of local lenders, realtors and home inspectors

DSELP – Downpayment and Settlement Expense Loan Program*
* Subject to availability.

  • Available to borrowers using the Maryland Mortgage Program
  • Maximum Loan Amount: $6000
  • Interest Rate: 0%
  • Repayment is deferred and is due upon sale or transfer of the property, or upon pre-payment of the first mortgage
  • DSELP is recorded in second lien position
  • Additional funds available depending upon purchase price of house and other factors
  • Please contact the Hagerstown Home Store to determine the funds available to you for your particular situation

City of Hagerstown Financial Incentives:

City Of Hagerstown Homeownership Program:

Maryland Home Financing Program – Homeownership for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Eligible Borrower(s): At least one borrower must be disabled (A disabled borrower will be required to provide a “Certificate of Disability”)
  • Homebuyer education required and provided at no cost through the Hagerstown Home Store
  • Interest rate 2.25 – 4.0% (subject to change)
  • Maximum income $87,200
  • Maximum purchase price of $300,000
  • Term: 30 years
  • Minimum cash contribution of $500 (entire amount can be gifted)
  • Mortgage Insurance/Guarantee not required

VA – Guarantee

  • Fixed rate, fixed rate buydown, or adjustable rates
  • No income limit
  • No down payment as long as the sales price doesn’t exceed the appraised value
  • Liberal qualifying ratios
  • Loan limits up to $647,200 depending on veteran’s eligibility

FHA – Insured

  • Fixed rate, fixed rate buydown, or adjustable rates
  • No income limits
    Small down payment
  • Loan limits in Washington County
    • 1 unit: $420,680
    • 2 unit: $538,650
    • 3 unit: $651,050
    • 4 unit: $809,150

USDA Rural Housing Direct Loans

  • Loans are for up to 33 years (or 38 years, in special circumstances)
  • Applicants can obtain 100% financing
  • Directly funded by the Federal Government.
  • Loans may include closing and settlement costs
  • Eligible homes: Must be located in rural areas, as defined by USDA
  • Annual household income cannot exceed moderate income level established for the area
  • Mortgage payments based on the household’s adjusted income

This list includes only a few of the many mortgage programs that are available. Other programs that meet your needs may be available through local mortgage lenders. Programs listed are subject to change without notice and may not include all borrower requirements.

How to Choose a Realtor

As a buyer, it is important to choose a real estate agent who is right for you. Your agent should be someone you are comfortable around, can trust, and are confident will work in your best interests. Plan on working with only one agent as most have access to information on all current home listings in the area. It is beneficial to interview several agents before making your choice. The fact sheet below includes questions that will help you with your decision. For a current list of local Realtors, contact us at

Mortgage APP Checklist

For a current list of local lenders and the programs they offer, contact us. For a current list of local Realtors, contact us at

Homeowners Insurance Tips

A helpful fact sheet to help you think about homeowners insurance.

“The first year’s annual premium for a homeowners’ insurance policy is almost always required to be paid in full by the time of settlement.”

Hagerstown Neighborhoods

Downtown Historic District | Potomac-Broadway | Carroll Heights | Jonathan Street | Fairgrounds | West End | Pangborn
​City Park and South End | Oak Hill | Locust Point | Wilson

Downtown Historic District
The Downtown Historic District in the City’s center features a showcase of late nineteenth and early twentieth century residential and commercial buildings. The downtown area is home to City and County governments, the Maryland Theatre, the Washington County Public Library, the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown, as well as specialty shops, offices, and restaurants. The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, a public high school in renovated historic theater, offers specialized programs for students, grades 9-12, including instrumental music, vocal music, theater, dance, visual and literary arts.

Housing in this area is predominantly row house style, with a variety of other townhouses and apartments. The two main streets, Washington and Franklin, have been enhanced with brick-lined intersections, trees, garden beds, and expanded parking facilities. Potomac Street features widened sidewalks and outdoor dining. Numerous historic churches serve downtown, and St. Mary’s parochial elementary school lies within Downtown.

Moving east from downtown, the Potomac-Broadway neighborhood offers a variety of large houses sitting on spacious lots. The area contains a number of middle-size and large nineteenth century homes with historic significance, as well as more modest houses and duplexes, attractive apartments, and urban townhomes.

Jonathan Street
Just to the north lies the Jonathan Street neighborhood. Comprised mostly of smaller mixed-type homes, this tightly knit community includes nine churches, a playground, Wheaton Park, and a community center.

The Fairgrounds neighborhood contains compact, mature homes, including a smaller area of well-maintained historic row houses. Do-it-yourselfers will love the historic homes’ potential to be converted into large single-family dwellings. The City of Hagerstown’s 68-acre Fairgrounds Recreation Park lies within this neighborhood and is currently being redeveloped as a multi-use recreational and community activity open space. This past year, the City of Hagerstown resurrected its annual Fourth of July celebration with concerts and a fireworks display at the Park. With an ice rink, sports fields, BMX track, walking trails, and picnic areas, the new Fairgrounds Park offers residents ample opportunity to get outside and play!

Extending eastward from the Fairgrounds is the Pangborn neighborhood, bounded by Hamilton Run and the City’s northeast boundary. Pangborn benefits from neighborhood conveniences including several churches, the City’s Municipal Golf Course, and neighborhood shopping. Of special note is the newly restored Pangborn Park, complete with fishing pond, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, volleyball court, softball field, picnic pavilions, and formal gardens.

City Park and South End
South of Downtown, the City Park and South End neighborhoods are predominantly residential. They encompass two historic districts containing single-family homes and residential properties converted into apartments and offices. Residences facing City Park are largely late Victorian and early twentieth century. The main residential area between Highland Way and South Potomac Street has a mix of small to moderate-size detached single-family homes, with good access to Bester Elementary School and the South Hagerstown High School campus. The beautiful 50-acre City Park borders this area with a three-lake waterway and a full array of activity areas including playgrounds, ball fields, picnic areas, walking trails, two museums, and a band shell.

Locust Point
The Locust Point neighborhood encompasses the area south of Downtown extending to Memorial Boulevard. The area supports a combination of residentiual, commercial, and light industrial uses. The residential area in the eastern portion contains modest single-family houses and is serviced by Bester Elementary School, which also provides open recreational space.

Wilson Boulevard
Along the City’s southern edge, the Wilson Boulevard neighborhood offers a traditional residential setting of single-family homes. Plentiful neighborhood shopping and two churches service this area.

West End
The West End neighborhood offers a large residential area with older row homes and small-lot detached homes, as well as mid-sized newer housing at its north end. This vibrant neighborhood includes nine churches, Salem Avenue elementary school, Western Heights Middle School, and the Marshall Street Education Center. Neighborhoods in the West End enjoy access to Hellane and Rockwillow Parks, occupying 25 acres on either side of Salem Avenue, as well as two playgrounds. Several major thoroughfares and public transportation provide good accessibility for residents. Nearby neighborhood and regional shopping centers further enhance this area’s appeal.

Carroll Heights
Carroll Heights, located at the City’s north-west corner, is a neighborhood comprised largely of single-family residences and some newer townhouse developments. East of Pennsylvania Avenue, the area includes North Hagerstown High School, Northern Middle School, and Fountaindale Elementary School. The community is also served by several churches and nearby shopping centers. Recreation areas include Hamilton Park playground and Mills Park.

​Oak Hill
The Oak Hill neighborhood includes Oak Hill Historic District, approximately 8 blocks north of Downtown. This highly stable neighborhood is virtually all residential and comprised of detached, moderate to very large single-family homes. Overall, large lots with deep setbacks, open spaces, and curving tree-lined streets characterize this neighborhood. Potomac Heights Elementary School, St. Maria Goretti Catholic High School, three churches, and the Longmeadow Shopping Center serve north end residences.

Publications & Guides

The Hagerstown Home Store has lots of helpful information including the publications listed below. All may be ordered by using the order form below.

Hagerstown Home Store Brochure and Workshop Schedule
Describes the services offered by the Hagerstown Home Store and provides dates and times for upcoming “You Can Be a Homeowner” workshops.

Hagerstown Neighborhood Development Partnership offers a number of helpful publications most of which may be viewed or downloaded from this site. Printed copies and packets of information may also be ordered using the Publication Order Form. If you need help finding the information you need, or have other questions, please call us at 301-797-0900 or send an email to
Click on the title of the following publications. The downloadable files are in .pdf (portable document format), which can be read and printed on all platforms with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. If you do not have a copy of Reader, it can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe by clicking here.

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